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Juliet Pro 60

  1. Feature-packed faster interpoint 
  2. Juliet Pro 60 includes two additional features: Single Sheet Tractors and ET Speaks speech system. 
  3. Single Sheet Tractors enable you to feed in single sheets of letterhead or card stock, one at a time by hand, so you can place Braille easily on materials without the customary tractor holes of Braille paper. 
  4. ET Speaks comes up talking automatically. It echoes commands you enter on the keypad and "reads" all the embosser's status messages out loud. ET Speaks is DoubleTalk-compatible, so it can also be used as a speech synthesizer. 
  5. Regular and high-resolution Braille graphics, 
  6. Dynamic Braille Scaling, which enables you to choose different Braille sizes (including increased line spacing, California sign Braille, Jumbo Braille, or the smaller Braille and even mix sizes within a document).
  7. Adjust for 6 or 8-dot Braille, even print sideways. 
  8. Reprint up to 99 copies of one document automatically with Multi-Copy. 

Printing Speed:(Interpoint) 60 characters per second, (Single-Sided) 40 characters per second. 
Line Width: 40 characters with Library of Congress spacing. 
Paper: Continuous tractor feed paper or single sheets, hand-fed one at a time. 
Paper Width: Adjustable. 1.5 to 15 inches (3.8 to 38.1 cm). 
Page Length: Selectable. 3 to 14 inches (7.6 to 35.6 cm). 
Paper Weight: Variable. Standard computer paper through heavy index type card stock. 
Interface:one parallel port, a 9-pin serial port, plus an additional serial port for connecting ET Speaks
Sound Level: 68 DBA. Sound level may vary with ambient conditions. 
Dimensions: 24.63 X 11.5 X 8.63 inches (62.6 X 29.2 X 21.9 cm)
Weight:51 pounds (23.2 kg)

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