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Braille Embossers

Braille embossers are devices that are dedicated to printing out documents in Braille, so they are nothing else than braille computer printers.

To make a personal computer capable of producing Braille printout, Braille translation software should be provided to translate word-processing text files into braille suitable for embossing on a braille printer.

As with standard printers, there are several classes of braille embossers, each designed to perform specific tasks. They can be divided into:

Personal to produce light-duty applications - best suited for the casual home user who wants to produce a few pages of braille per day,

Medium Duty, suited for small-business applications or for the user with heavier braille demands, and

Heavy Duty, suited for a braille publishing house or other organization that needs to print entire books in braille.

  1. Braille embossers transcribe print text into embossed braille output.
  2. They differ in such factors as printing speed, line width, and type and weight of paper used.
  3. Embossers may produce either 6- or 8-dot braille.
  4. Braille printers which are capable of printing on two sides of a page are referred to as Interpoint Braille embossers.
  5. Single Sheet Tractors enable you to feed in single sheets of letterhead or card stock, one at a time by hand, so you can place Braille easily on materials without the customary tractor holes of Braille paper.
  6. An impact control allows you to select perfect Braille heights for different paper grades.

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